A Worldwide Celebration of Sexual and Gender Diversities

Deposition from the Cross. Good Friday in a Time of Virus.
Image by Vywcheslav Okun
, SJ

With Covid19 has come a unified sense of vulnerability across the country and across the world. Our stories have something in common with those of our neighbours, immediate and abroad, and many of us find ourselves able to tune into and appreciate the challenges faced by others – those who are isolated, those unable to get care, those providing care, those who die and those who grieve for loved ones who have died.

On this IDAHO we remember that resonance with our neighbours, and also that love and care for the vulnerable and for those who are suffering, is not a given. It is a fact, that in too many places it is still actively discouraged and denied to some of our LGBT+ siblings. Love becomes hate, care becomes violence and basic human rights have to be fought for and once achieved, held onto, as some of our siblings fight to deny us what they take for granted. But in doing so no-one wins: when they harm us they harm themselves and they harm humanity.

The image accompanying this post has been widely shared during the Covid crisis and is a reminder that the Body of Christ is broken, bruised, abused and dying and that in our caring, comforting and grieving we take part in a gritty, earthy pieta. In this picture who do we identify with – the suffering or dying Christ; those who bring care to the world or are we the characters off screen who caused this pain.

On IDAHO we have the opportunity to harness our connectedness with LGBT+ Siblings and our allies to remember our need for each other and work towards achieving a better, more equal future for all.

We celebrate what has been achieved but we also remember that there is much still to do.

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