Praying Eucharistically in the “Lockdown” with James Alison

The site linked below is James Alison’s invitation to an experiment in this time when many Christians of all denominations are unable to attend Church services, perhaps for several weeks or even months.

In this experiment, James is putting his presbyteral orders at our service by offering a structure to enable a new way of praying eucharistically. It is intended for any members of the priesthood (that’s all the baptised!) who want to try it out. One especially tailored to the exigent circumstances of these days, where it is not possible for the vast majority of the faithful of any denomination to participate presentially in a liturgy with an ordained presbyter or pastor presiding. He writes: “This new way of praying eucharistically will also, I hope, turn out to be a source of enrichment for whatever emerges when the exigent circumstances are past.”

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