A good friend of ours


Timothy Radcliffe, head of the Dominican Order and a professor of theology at Oxford and author of many books including ‘What Is the Point of Being A Christian?’ has been chosen by Pope Francis as consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. He is a much loved friend of Quest and been a speaker at our annual Conference. There was talk of Timothy doing another Quest Conference but perhaps that will have to wait a while. Full details on this is available on the link below.



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  1. One is too quick to forget, don`t you think? that the lineamenta is only a working document and that it will not be formally expressed until such time as H.H. has looked at it, made it right, and given it His Blessing

  2. Good news indeed – thanks for posting

    For years, Fr Radcliffe has been a visible supporter of lgbt inclusion, as a friend to Quest, as a regular celebrant at the “Soho Masses” of old, and in his writing.

    This appointment is important. Too often, the issue of lgbt Catholics is approached purely from the perspective of sexual ethics, but it is equally important to see things from the perspective of justice. In his new position, Fr Radcliffe will surely remind his colleagues that the Catholic imperative of “justice” must inevitably include the frequently overlooked question of justice inside the church (to women, to lgbt Catholics particularly, and to the divorced in particular), as well as justice in the wider, secular world.

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