Nottingham Diocese LGBT+ ministry

Bishop Patrick McKinney of Nottingham has been clear about the welcome that LGBT+ Catholics should receive in his diocese. He has authorised the following statement:

“Bishop Patrick wishes everybody a warm welcome in the diocese; that includes, in an explicit way, members of the LGBT+ community. To demonstrate and share the Good News of God’s love for all, the bishop has set up a pastoral ministry directed particularly at LGBT+ people, their families and friends. LGBT+ Catholics share their lives as disciples of the Lord Jesus with all other groups and communities in our diocese; we enrich each other and grow together as the Body of Christ.

If you are an LGBT+ Catholic, or a friend or family member, you will be welcome in any parish or pastoral ministry of the diocese. The dedicated LGBT+ ministry is there for you if:

  • you want to meet other LGBT+ Catholics;
  • you want to talk to a priest who has experience in accompanying
    LGBT+ Catholics, their families and friends;
  • you have been hurt by the church and you seek healing;
  • you are an LGBT+ person and you are wondering whether there
    is a place for you in the Catholic church;
  • or it just seems the right place for you to go.

There are priests and lay people connected to the LGBT+ ministry in all cities of the diocese. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone near you.

The LGBT+ ministry organises an annual mass for LGBT+ Catholics, their families and friends. It aims to bring our community together from across the diocese. Other events are organised locally.

To get in touch with our dedicated team, please email to”

Quest East Midlands particularly welcomes this initiative and we’re very pleased to see the continued commitment to Masses of welcome to LGBT+ Catholics. The first of these was celebrated by Bishop Patrick in Nottingham Cathedral in the Year of Mercy in 2016. This was followed by Masses in Derby and Nottingham and it is hoped that this will travel to all the cities in the Diocese eventually.

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