New “Members Area”.

This site is public, and open to all. However, your committee has often noted that there is a need to offer members some tangible benefits not available to others, and at times we want to publish confidential or sensitive material which should be available only to members. (Examples are the summaries of committee meetings, which we recently agreed to publish regularly, and the follow – up work on the “Icon of Emmaus” workshop during Conference 2014).

To enable this, we now have a restricted “members only” area on the site, which can be accessed only by members who have registered as users, and are logged in.  This Members Area is now visible at the top of the page, in the page menu. If you clink on it, you will be invited to log in, or to register. However, please do not yet ask to register! We are currently working out the details of just how this will be done, and will open up registration procedures once these details have been agreed – probably, later this month.