LGBTQI+ people held in detention: LEND YOUR VOICE

UKLGIG has launched the #LendYourVoice campaign with 28 LGBTQI+ celebrities and influencers to share the stories of LGBTQI+ people who have been held within the UK immigration detention system. They are releasing one video on Twitter every day for 28 days.

Celebrities and influencers involved in the campaign include Great British Bake Off star Rav Bansal, author Juno Dawson, comedian James Barr, model and activist Jamie Windust, and singer and performer Toya Delazy.

Indefinite immigration detention is inhumane and has a considerable negative impact on the mental health of almost every person, but for LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum, there are particular hardships to bear. In countries where same-sex relations are criminalised or where discrimination against LGBTQI+ people is widespread, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex people are often excluded by society and may face prosecution, harassment or violence. Inside detention centres, they often experience prejudices or conditions similar to those from which they have fled.

UKLGIG is urging MPs to support amendments to the immigration bill this autumn to bring in a 28-day limit to detention and ensure fair treatment for people escaping persecution just for being who they are. Join the campaign at