Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination in the 21st Century

There are still multiple forms of Church influenced discrimination in the 21st Century

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics released its first report about Lay Catholic LGB Discrimination in a Live broadcast on June 28.  This is an important piece of work and represents voices that cry out to be heard.

During the launch Dr Martindale read from the report “Pope Francis has been a blessing in my life which positively affects my relationships”  and further on cites one of the report’s findings “homophobia is institutionally embedded in the church and until church teaching on homosexuality changes, the Francis effect will be a rather nice plaster on a broken arm“.

Quest offers our thanks to Dr Anne-Marie Martindale for the research and to GNRC for commissioning this important work.

Gerard Swan (Chair to Quest) commented “The positive support within our church and in secular society is always welcome and to be celebrated.  However, too many LGBT+ Catholics globally still cry out from a wilderness which has been created by those who were called to care for and protect them. The extent to which there is Catholic involvement in direct and indirect discrimination and in (for example) the promotion of bullying and the denial of health care should be of great concern to all Catholics.”  

You can download the report here

You can watch the recording of the launch with Francis DeBarnardo (Executive Director, New Ways Ministry) and Dr Martindale, discussing it on Facebook here (the video starts at 02:50). The video includes some really helpful insights and personal testimony from 5 LGB Catholics.