Drawn to your faith?

Landings ­ Are you looking to reconnect with your faith?

If you have been thinking about becoming more active in the Catholic Church after a time away, we invite you to join us in LANDINGS, an eight­ week experience that offers “a safe place to land,” a place where your voice will be heard and a place for listening, for asking questions, and for reconnecting with your faith as an adult. To learn more, come to one of our information sessions: Nov 4, Nov 12, Nov 18, Nov 26 18:00­20:00 at Farm Street Church, 114 Mount Street, London W1K 3AH or contact Ruby Almeida (landings.london@gmail.com) or Fr. Dominic Robinson SJ (DominicRobinson@rcdow.org.uk). Also check out landings.org.uk for more info.





One comment to “Drawn to your faith?”
  1. Thanks Ruby.

    My own experience of the Landings process a few years ago, was wholly positive. At the time, I was fully involved in the Soho Masses, and didn’t really need help in returning to “the Church”, but I did need reassurance in becoming involved in a local parish.
    In that, it’s been very successful. I am not heavily involved in my local parish, where they know me as both fully out, partnered and a gay activist – and are fully supportive, in many different ways.
    If any Quest people have the opportunity to join a local Landings process, I strongly recommend that you sign up,#

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