Quest Bulletin Spring 2020

Prior to the imposition of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown the plan had been that in early May the Spring issue of Quest Bulletin would be flying into members’ Inboxes or Letterboxes. The Bulletin is virtually ready for printing; currently it is lacking just a few items of news and book reviews. Unfortunately the copy shop that undertakes the printing of the Bulletin – and the stuffing of same into envelopes – remains closed. It is to be hoped that in the coming weeks a relaxation of restrictions will allow large and small businesses to resume trading. The fear is that some may never open their doors again.

As well as continuing to keep Coronavirus patients, health and other key workers in our prayers, we should not neglect to pray for those who face long-term unemployment and the consequent strain this will impose on family relationships, mental health and the ability to pay mortgages/rents, etc.


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