Quest and Stonewall meet up

Stonewall launched its lgbt history project on Monday 24th. 2014 at Bishopsgate Institute, London as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. It was an occasion to celebrate the lives and stories of older lgbts in its publication “Sharing Our Past, Shaping Our Future”. Ruth Hunt, Stonewall CEO, who is going to be one of the speakers at the July Quest Conference, said she was very much looking forward to speaking ‘from the heart’ about her Catholic faith. Quest looks forward to her participation and presence at Conference, which will be at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. 


Ruby Almeida, Quest Chair and Ruth Hunt, Stonewall Chief Executive

Click on the link below for further details of the Stonewall event and on how to download the Sharing Our Past, Shaping Our Future publication