Just out – Quest Bulletin 75 (Summer 2016) “The Joy of Love”.

It’s here – albeit much later than either hoped or planned.  I’m not going to attempt any excuses for this delay, except to acknowledge that I have struggled to get my head around the details of the publishing technology: perhaps it was arrogant of me to volunteer to take this on, in the belief that I could learn what I needed to, in time.

In truth, it’s not even the technical elements that have been the major problem, but learning how to work with it, how to integrate it into my routine, how and when to check how it’s getting on, how it’s looking. Finding or producing content was never the problem: I had  the complete issue completely prepared (I thought) two months ago or more – but as I began to move on to “final” preparations or publishing, kept finding problems. Every one I resolved, simply seemed to uncover more. And so it went on.

However, here it is. I know that it remains flawed, and may well need further tinkering. That is why for now, I’m not yet sending it to printers, for hard copy distribution. (The beauty of digital publishing, is that correction can easily be made without any financial cost). Members can now download the Bulletin in PDF form, here.

From this issue, we also introduce a new form of publication, for those (like myself) who prefer not to take on more paper, but do not enjoy reading PDF documents on-line. The Bulletin content is now arranged in series of (colour coded) thematic sections. I have published the entire Bulletin contents in series of posts on the website, one for each of those sections. These are

Contents & Editorial comment

Featured content:

Global Network of Rainbow Catholics

Family Synod 2015

Testimony: John McNeill SJ – RIP

Reflection: “I Know That I Can Make It”

Book Review: ‘And God saw it all was very good’


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Looking Ahead to Conference 2016 – Gender