Quest Bulletin 65 (Winter 2012/2013) : Index

2 Editorial

4 A Question of Morality Adam McIntosh examines the question Jesus put to his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” He concludes that it is not a question any of us should avoid

5 A never-ending Lent St Augustine of Hippo taught that the life of a Christian should always be Lenten in character

6 Scent of a Woman In a reflection for Lent, Benedict Luckhurst finds inspiration in the anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha

8 ObituariesBernard Ratigan and Fr Paul Trinder

12 Roast Vegetable Lasagne an Italian-style pasta dish to warm you on a winter’s evening

Playing Coalition Politics Tactics of the Coalition for Marriage and Government plans for Equal Marriage legislation

19 Marriage Care’s dilemma Reporting on the charity’s policy of counselling same-sex couples and the friction this is causing with the Church

20 Excommunicate Yourselves More on the divisions opening up over equal marriage, in the UK and overseas
Chichester: 2013 Conference Venue Information about Chichester and details on how to get there

21 Book Reviews:

  • Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex in the Catholic Church (Richard
  • Fifty Years Receiving Vatican II (Kevin T. Kelly)
  • Permanent, Faithful Stable -Christian Same-Sex Marriage (Jeffrey John)

26 Sex and the Vatican City Anticipating the publication in English of an account of
naughtiness in Rome and elsewhere

27 Conference details and booking form.