Calling all women

Catholic Women Speak

A forum for women’s conversations about the Church in the lead-up to the 2015 Synod on the Family.

Ulla Gudmundson is the former Swedish Ambassador to the Holy See and has been a prominent supporter of women’s role in the Church. She wrote a blog about the Pontifical Council for Culture’s Assembly on Women’s Cultures, in which she was invited to participate as one of the speakers. Please see article in the link below.


Ulla with Francis

Ulla Gudmundson with Pope Francis


The lead up to the Family Synod in October is an important forum for women’s voices to be heard. It is crucial for women’s lives and experiences to be visible and present at the Family Synod. There are two links below with submission forms. One is an actual submission, the author kindly gave permission for us to use it so long as it was anonymised. I hope this helps you with your own submission, which I encourage you to do by using the blank form on the other link.

Questionnaire_women and families (1)

Questionnaire_women and families 2