Bishop wants “radical re-examination of human sexuality”

The Bishop of Middlesborough, Terence Drainey – whose diocese includes Scarborough, venue for this year’s Quest conference – has called for a “radical reexamination of human sexuality” that could result in developments in church teaching on such matters as the role of women in the Church, contraception, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage, and cohabitation. He told The Tablet such a re-examination should reflect “modern psychological and anthropological insights and the lived experience of lay people”.

Bishop Drainey said that the Church has a duty to hold in tension its imperative to proclaim “high Christian ideals” while at the same time welcoming “with love and compassion those whose lives are complicated and messy”. He explained that “a careful discussion of this dichotomy could yield pastoral solutions in the areas of family life where many are struggling, enabling the Church more readily to welcome and include those people”

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