Another Gracias meeting

Agnelo Gracias

Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias, auxiliary Bishop of Bombay since 2001, retired July 30 2014.

Quest Chair, Ruby Almeida, met with Bishop Agnelo during her recent visit to Mumbai. The hoped for return visit with Archbishop Oswald Gracias was not possible during the Archbishop’s busy Christmas schedule. However, instead, Bishop Agnelo Gracias, via the Archbishop’s Secretary Fr. Emmanuel, kindly invited Ruby Almeida to meet at Bishop’s House located in the rather lovely grounds of St. Pius College.

The meeting was a very informal and friendly chat over tea, and the Bishop gave a lovely gift of a pop up Christmas crib to Ruby Almeida. The meeting covered LGBT issues that Archbishop Oswald Gracias had discussed with Ruby during her previous visit in March 2014. Bishop Agnelo was very interested to discuss initiatives for a lgbt support group for Catholics, similar to that of Quest. The Chair offered her personal support to Bishop Agnelo and was sure that Quest would be happy to help and advise lgbt Catholics in India as a diocesan initiative.


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