Quest’s Equal Opportunities Statements


Quest is committed to equality of opportunity for all who seek to join us, all who use our services, and all who offer to serve our community.

Agreed unanimously at Quest’s Annual General Meeting, 10th July, 1998.


 We are aware that many people suffer discrimination as a result of misunderstandings or prejudices that have historical, social or other origins, and we believe that such discrimination is wrong.

Quest is, therefore, opposed to all forms of unlawful or unjust discrimination, including those on the grounds of: age, colour, disability, employment status, ethnic origin, gender, health status, marital or partnership status, nationality, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation or social class.

Quest offers everyone access to all services provided by Quest, and offers membership to everyone who supports the purpose of Quest.

Quest offers all members access to positions within our organisation. However, we aim to ensure that the volunteers who lead and operate the services which Quest provides should be representative of the community that Quest serves.

Quest aims to ensure that the recruitment, selection, training and promotion of Quest’s voluntary personnel are always carried out with respect and dignity, and that all appointments are made on the basis of relevant qualities and abilities.

Discrimination against anyone who requests or uses services offered by Quest, or who works for Quest, or offers to work for Quest, should be reported to the Committee for investigation.

Agreed unanimously at Quest’s Annual General Meeting, 11th July, 1999.