Committee profiles – Committee Member – Zac

Zac Snape – Committee Member

Headshot of Zac SnapeI was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools for the majority of my life. I spent a large portion of my teenage years struggling with my sexuality and gender and how I could reconcile how I was feeling with my Catholic faith. While in sixth form I had support from my school to come out as a trans man.

I joined Quest in 2017 and it has been amazing to get to know more LGBT Catholics. I  attended my first Quest conference in 2019 and each conference has felt life-giving and healing. Quest feels like coming home and has given me a community I didn’t realise I was longing for.

I started working part time in web development at the age of 15, having self-taught myself the skills. I studied Mathematics at the University of Sheffield and then started my graduate career working in technology. I now live in Manchester with my partner and enjoy video games and sci-fi books and films.