Committee profiles – Chris

Committee member – Chris Leigh

“I’ve been a member of Quest since 2013, after meeting some Quest members on an LGBT retreat at a Jesuit retreat house, Loyola Hall. I am a member of the Quest in the North group, which covers a huge swathe of the country, from Liverpool in the west to Hull in the east. Meetings are held throughout the year in various locations, with regular places including Halifax, Manchester and York.

Brought up in a nominally Methodist home, I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church in 2004, at which time I was working as a volunteer coordinator for a project run by the Jesuits (the Jesuit Volunteer Community).  After this I spent several years exploring a vocation with the Franciscans, but left the Order before making life vows.  After returning to university and training as a mental health nurse, I now work in the field of mental health rehabilitation.  My interests include the relationship between spiritualty and mental well-being, and between science and religion; apologetics; and – since my teenage years – all things Icelandic.”