Bishop McKinney

Right Reverend Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham


Ruby Almeida, Chair of National Quest, and Claire Jenkins member of local group Quest Leicester met with Right Reverend Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham, on Friday 5th January at Bishop’s House in Nottingham. The meeting was very cordial and many LGBT issues and ideas were discussed to explore initiatives to identify and support the Catholic LGBT community in the Nottingham Diocese. Bishop McKinney expressed genuine interest in the work of Quest and we look forward to closer relations with Bishop McKinney and the Offices of the Nottingham Diocese.

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  1. This is all very nice; but did he actually agree to DO anything? As you know I had a similar meeting with him some time ago and I left with him an “Action Plan”.

    Since then I have heard absolutely nothing.

    There is no doubt that His Grace is kindly inclined towards LGBT folk; but there is no indication that he is willing to do anything to help us. We need actions not words.
    Stephen Lovatt PhD MA

    • What exactly would you like His Grace to do?
      Dispense you from the requirement to live in continence?

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