Your Conscience and Church Teaching (workshop)

Your Conscience and Church Teaching – How Do They Fit Together?

A workshop by Fr. Frank Morrisey OMI.

22-23 May, Crewe, Cheshire.

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Many people get dizzy when they see disagreement in the Church over such moral issues as birth control, divorce, the changing role of women, or the status of same sex relationships. How are we supposed to deal with the confusing relationship between personal conscience and official Church teaching? How can we be “loyal” to the Church even when we are unable to agree with some aspect or method of Church teaching. How can all of us in the Church work together to

understand and apply gospel values to our decisions?

We will apply the general principles arising from exploring these questions to help us deepen our understanding of marriage as Catholics and ask where it fits at a time when the civic understanding of marriage is changing.

Fr. Frank Morrisey is an Ottawa-based Oblate, a professor and former Dean of Canon Law at the Oblate run University of St. Paul. A gifted speaker and an author of over 300 articles. He has served as a Consultor for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated life in Rome and is a Judge in the Canadian Appeal Tribunal for the adjudication of marriage cases. Fr. Frank is a strong advocate for the rights of those engaged in pastoral ministry.