Taking a Chance on God – workshop in London (updated)

Taking a Chance on God
Saturday, 2 November 2013, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

A day long workshop for LGBTQ Christians and their allies.


How are we called to be disciples and leaders? What does our experience as LGBTQ Christians, or as straight allies and friends, teach us about trust, faith, and spiritual growth?

This day long workshop in the heart of London at historic St. Martin-in-the-Fields offers fellowship, input, and space for those who feel called to deeper reflection, and for those who feel inspired to spirit-led action.

Join us as LGBTQ pastors and theologians reflect personally on the challenges and risks of leadership in a sometimes unwelcoming church. Find inspiration in the stories of others. Gain tools for sustainable ministry. Find the room to notice how God may be calling you out of your own comfort zone – calling you more deeply into service, or activism, or prophecy, or leadership, or prayer.

Speakers include Revd. Sharon Ferguson, MCC minister and Chief Executive of LGCM (The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement); Revd. Bernárd Lynch, psychotherapist and Catholic gay activist; James Alison, acclaimed theologian; and Brendan Fay, film producer and Christian grass-roots organizer. Our leader will be Revd. Clare Herbert, Lecturer in Inclusive Theology at St. Martin-in-the-Fields.  Activities include presentations, small and large group discussion, and professionally facilitated process.

The workshop is inspired by the story of the Revd. John McNeill –Jesuit priest, accomplished psychotherapist, AIDS crisis minister, and out gay theologian. At first encouraged to speak against Christian homophobia, John was silenced by Vatican authorities in 1977. When ten years later he spoke out once again, he was expelled from the Jesuit order at the insistence of (then) Cardinal Ratzinger. John has continued to write and minister to LGBTQ people of faith, publishing on pastoral and theological themes. Our workshop includes the premier UK screening of his recently completed biographical documentary.

Supported by his loving husband Charley, and by the prayers of LGBTQ and allied believers, John McNeill continues to encourage all Christians to follow their calling and “take a chance on God.”