Rev Paul Arthur Trinder RIP

I first met Paul when he moved to the Slipper Chapel at Walsingham many years ago. He contacted me about being part of Quest Cambridge and assisting in the liturgies at our meetings. From the first meeting it was evident that Paul had a mission: to give support and love to ALL, following very much in the footsteps of Christ and his Disciples. Nothing was too much trouble for Paul when he saw someone who needed his help. As the years moved on he became our Spiritual Guide at Quest Cambridge and organised many retreats for us in Walsingham, and Clare Priory. We will miss a dear friend and confidante now that he has moved on to meet that great Lover, Jesus Christ, who I am sure will be pleased in what Paul achieved on this earth. May Paul rest in peace.

Ray Cliff

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  1. Was he the same Paul Trinder who, before Ordination, was a teacher at the London Oratory School in the 1950s?

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