Relationship Coaching For LGBT Community

LogoThe new Coaching Relationship service at PACE is aimed exclusively for the LGBT community. Relationship Coaching workshops are run by an experienced Life Coach, to facilitate effective strategies for people to work toward the aim of building a solid foundation to their relationships. Working exclusively with same sex, Trans couples and singles too, to offer dedicated professional support for the LGBT community and their relationship needs, through a series of planned relationship coaching orientated workshops.

The courses are open to everybody in a relationship, those considering a relationship and those that are just curious!

Healthy Relationships
A full one day course for those that want to have a relationship in a different way to how you have had them before! Addressing some of the issues common to all relationships, with strategies on how to work with these to get the best out of your relationship. Including, exploring stages of a relationship and common pitfalls, communication strategies, conflict resolution, problem solving and much more!

Civil Partnerships
A two day workshop covering the legal procedures as well as preparing for your life together, as well as starting to think about the future, includes: financial planning, lifestyle expectations and goals and creating a shared vision. With Plenty more!

Thinking Of Becoming Parents
A two day workshop for those who are considering having children, this will cover the various options for having children, exploring the common barriers and strategies to overcome these… with lots more to offer.

All workshops are completely free of charge.

All the courses will be run at PACE, London. For future dates of courses, which will run monthly, and for more information on course contents please contact,