2 comments on “New Quest Bulletin
  1. Thank you for your comments on the Bulletin. I will give some consideration to your remark re the columns. The format of multiple columns follows the style adopted for most magazines and newspapers and my feeling is that to abandon the use of columns will not be as aesthetically pleasing.
    Contact details for the editor are always to be found at the bottom of the second page of the Bulletin.@John

  2. Hello
    The Bulletin looks very good in colour. But is it possible to present it in single lines of script across the whole page rather than in two columns. This format does not really work on most PC screens although it may be possible to change the page alignment on a tablet. it is irritating to have to go up and down the page.

    Also it might help if the information on how to contact the Editor is hi-lighted.I am sure the information is there somewhere but it needs to stand out so readers do not have to search for it?

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