Liberation – A Retreat for Men in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain

20-27 June 2013

We are all shaped by our past. Parents, peers, church, and media all affect how we view the world, how we see ourselves and how we relate to others.
Thankfully most of us experience enough love and acceptance along the way to cope with life. However, all of us have suffered in ways that cause us to doubt ourselves and our talents.

A retreat is a safe place to open yourself to healing the wounds of the past and allow new life and freedom to flood in. Feel nurtured by an accepting retreat community; receive the healing love of God. Learn how to better use your talents for the good.

By taking a look at the interaction between the individual conscience and the teaching authority of the Church and Scripture we shall consider how best we can live our call to exercise the freedom of the Children of God. This will focus specifically on the area of sexuality.

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