Membership Secretary’s Report

Membership Secretary’s Report for 2016 AGM

The movement in membership over the year has been:

Membership at 31/03/15:  174 (restated from 2015 – 3 PayPal cases omitted)

Members renewing at 01/04/15:  156

Late renewals from prior years:  19

New members:   21

Membership at 31/03/16:  196

The 2016/7 membership renewal process is not yet complete, but at the time of writing (26 June 2016) the situation is as follows:

2015/6 members renewing: 173 (out of the 196 members above)

Prior year members renewing 5

New members since 01/04/16:  6

Total membership at 26/06/16:  184

The status of those who were members at the end of the 2015/6 year is as follows:

Renewed 173

Resigned 6

No response 17

Those who have not yet responded will be contacted for a 3rd and final time. Those who resigned cited loss of faith, loss of faith in the Church, a belief that the Church doesn’t properly reflect the faith, too many other commitments and a lack of interest in the group’s activities and the time to participate in them.

Nick Burchnall 26 June 2016